Terms and conditions

Preliminary Information

Your booking is confirmed as soon as reception of the email
Please take into consideration that for the rooms COEUR and DONJON, the availibilty must be confirmed by the owners before confirmed booking, 48h prior to the date of arrival

Article 1 - Welcome to the Château

Elisabeth et Gilles are delighted to welcome you and present their home to make it yours for the time of your stay. There is also a courtesy tray available in each room .

Article 2 - Duration of the stay

The booking sets the minimal duration of the stay. In case of extension request, based on the availibility, we cannot insure that this will be feasible.

Article 3 - Special offers

Depending on the season and on the duration of the stay, we could offer special promotions from the 3rd night on.

Article 4 - Down paiement

For amount superior or equal to 1000 Euros, a down paiement of 20%of the total amount is required.

This down paiement will be totally reimbursed if a cancellation happens up to 10 days before arrival date and if it happens within 9 days of arrival date, a credit will be granted with a validity of 1 year from issuance day.

Article 5 - Client cancellation

Cancellation is free until 48 h before your arrival, refund will be done minus 2% bank charges. After this date all amounts are fully due.

Article 6 - Owner cancellation

Under very special occurence, if the owner has to cancel, you will be advised in due time and all payment will be refunded

Article 7 - Arrival and Departure

Arrival time is from 15pm to 21pm the day of arrival ( please contact us in case of late arrival) and Departure is due until 11am the day of departure.

Article 8 - Breakfast

Breakfast is served from 7:30am until 10:30am
On special request, it can be served earlier.

Article 9 - City tax

This tax is due based on the amount of people. It is not included in our rates (0.60€ per adult and per night).

Article 10 - Respect of the Château

Our clients are expected to respect the rooms and préserve the family character of the place.
Eating is not allowed in the rooms.
In case of degradation, the client agrees to advise the owners and where appropriate, assume the cost of repair
The Château is non smoking.

Article 11 - Animals

We have 2 lovely non agressive little dogs and therefore cannot accept animals in the Château.

Article 12 - Legislation for the Guests Houses in France

We cannot rent more than 5 rooms and host more than 15 people.
We offer a choice of 7 rooms but, as mentioned, can only confirm booking 5 rooms per night.

Article 13 - (only for the Conciergerie) Inventory

An inventory and cleanliness inspection will be performed and signed upon arrival and departure of the guests. This document serves as reference in case of problems or degradation.
The cleaning of the conciergerie is the responsability of the guests during their stay and before their departure. Where applicable, the owner can charge for cleaning.