The Château de Druon


of the Château de Druon

The construction of the Château dates from 1877.

It was built by Fernand Druon, politician born in the north of France.

He was the uncle of Maurice DRUON,  french writer, member of the Academie Française, Minister of Culture under the presidency of Georges Pompidou, and co-author of the famous "Chant des Partisans", written in 1943, during the second World War with Joseph Kessel.

The Château then belonged to various families and associations.

Derelict in the 1980's until 2006 when Elisabeth et Gilles RINGENBACH fell in love with this jewel, and decided to buy and totally renovate it until today.

Geographic location

of the Château de Druon

The Bed and Breakfast Guest House Le Château de Druon is situated in Sévignacq- Meyracq, 64260, lovely village part of the Pyrénées National Park, , in the Béarn (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) , Ossau Valley.

The Château overlooks the Route 934 which leads to the Thermal Resorts of Eaux Bonnes and Eaux Chaudes and will take you to different Ski Resorts, Gourette (36 km) and Formigal (58 km), the biggest Spanish ski resort .

The Château is 25 km from PAU, 18 km from Oloron Sainte-Marie, 40 km from Lourdes.

The Basque Coast and the Landes beaches are 150 km away, direct with the A64 autoroute.


The Château Park

The Château de Druon is surrounded by a beautiful park of 1,5 hectare with hundred-year-old trees, ancient stones walls and charming bushes continuously in flowers.

A magnifiscent Sequoia, planted in the late 19th century , protects the Château and reaches the sky.

The acces to the Park is free and it is highly recommanded for the parents of young children to accompany them while playing in the Park since it is a typical mountain Park with very little flat areas and it can be a bit difficult for youngsters.

Bed and Breakfast and Cottage "la conciergerie"

The Château is honored to welcome you for a night, a week end or more.

It is also possible to rent the whole Château for any special events.